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Textile Finishing

Textile Finishing



Flag Finishing

Textile Frame Finishing:

  • PVC strip flat
  • PVC strip flat self-adhesive
  • PVC strip flat elastic
  • Silicone strip flat
  • PVC strip hammer-in
  • Strip pull-up band

Acousting Solutions



Flag finishing

For flag and textile finishing, we offer a range of accessories; beachflag band elastic, flag band with fold, flag webbing extra firm, flag webbing ribbed, hem band unfolded, velcro Strip hook & loop, velcro strip self-adhesive hook & loop, flag rope solid braided, flag leadcord, flagpole halyard rope, banner elastic rope round, snap hook, snap hook with webbing, d-ring and flag hook.


Flag band
Velcro strip
Ropes and cords
Hooks and rings
Textile frame finishing

Aluminum textile frames for easy tensioning of printed textile prints are becoming more and more popular. The textile is stretched in to the frame and fixed by a strip.

We offer a range of strips in different sizes in PVC and Silicone that can be sewed onto the textile. We also offer a strips that don't need confection, such as a self-adhesive and hammer-in strip.

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